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Kids Beginner Classes held twice a week Read More for Schedule! Classes are 5:15-6PM on Mon/Wed and Tue/Thur nights following the school calander year for holidays. Older kids would move up to later classes. Youth and Adults train Mon/Wed at 7:30PM. .

About Us

About Us

Founded in 1984 by Sensei Cameron Steuart, Japan Karate Centre is Lloydminster's foremost martial arts school specializing in traditional Japanese Karate and Okinawan Kobudo.

We are a traditional dojo that teaches respect, discipline and physical fitness through the training of Karate! We integrate the Japanese language into teaching as part of our program as well!  Our primary focus has always been kids classes, and with four nights a week of beginner, intermediate and advanced classes to choose from, the flexibility offered to busy family life is second to none!  A very strong youth and adult class is also run twice a week! Rates for classes are based on a monthly fee that follows the school year for holidays to make things super easy to plan around.  

Along with several competitive opportunities with our organizations tournaments, our kids can take part in our "Kumite League" through the seasons to try and improve amongst their classmates.

Physical Health, Wellness and Fitness is super important and we try to provide a great example for students here to get them inspired to work hard and have fun improving their Karate!

About the teacher

Hello, I am Joshua Matthews.  I am the instructor here at the Japan Karate Centre in Lloydminster.  Now 3rd Dan in Shito-Ryu Karate, 2nd Dan in Kobudo under the late Shihan Fumio Demura.  Starting Karate at the age of five in 1992, I have the unique experience of "growing up" in the dojo learning from my Sensei, Cameron Steuart.  I do my absolute best now to be as good of an example to my students "growing up" in my Dojo. 

Although not my main focus, I am a two time Demura Cup Men's Black Belt Grand Champion and have a competitive record of approximately 22 Gold, 12 Silver and 10 Bronze medals over many years of competitions in Kumite, Kata, and Kobudo.



Shihan Fumio Demura

Shihan Fumio Demura, 9th Dan, was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1938.  Passed April 24th, 2023.  He began the study of kendo at eight years of age. As his training formalized, he studied kendo under the legendary Nakamura Taisaburo Sensei, and kendo and karate under Sakagami Ryusho at his dojo in the Tsurumi district of Yokohama.

Cameron Steuart

With 50 years training in  Karate. Sensei Steuart opened the Lloydminster Dojo in 1984 and is the acting Chief Instructor for our group here in Canada, being a beacon of leadership to over one thousand members and eighteen dojos.

He achieved the rank of 6th Dan in 2014.  

sensei matthews_edited.jpg
Joshua Matthews

Starting Karate in 1992 at the age of five under the mentorship of Sensei Steuart.  Achieved Jr Black Belt Rank in 2002.  Currently a 3rd Dan in Shito-Ryu Karate and 2nd Dan in Kobudo.  Canada's Demura Cup Mens Grand Champion in 2015 and 2018.


Contact Us


1804-50th Avenue Lloydminster, AB

Tel: 780-808-8822


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